Paid Advertising

Increase sales and awareness with professional paid advertising.

A good agency knows the in's and out's of paid media. A great agency employs people who previously worked for Google, Facebook, Instagram and Google. We get ROAS that other agencies can't fathom. (We can only work with companies who have a minimum monthly spend of 30K+ across platforms due to demand.)


Most popular paid media services.

Managed Media Buying

We identify, place and optimise your digital advertising material so that it reaches the right people at the right time at the lowest possible cost.

Paid Media Strategy

Best in class results are born from a best in class strategy. Our strategy framework is created by ex Google and Facebook employees.

Data Symbiosis

We collate your audience data from across multiple silos and introduce complimentary third party data points in order to drive insight and optimisation.

Audit And Benchamarking

How well are your ads  performing? We'll provide visibility of your performance and opportunities you could be capitalising on.

Influencer Marketing

We partner with the worlds largest influencer network so we can provide you with instant statistics, matches and data.

Our Process

You deserve great paid media at a fair price.

We charge 9% per month of your total spend and we include and and all paid media services required within that fee.

Let's talk

1. Book a discovery call

Let's work together to understand your current situation, resources and structure.

2. Strategy & Data

We'll create a strategy across your media touch points and pull in your data to forecast results and set KPI's.

3. Place & Report

We'll place your media and run regular reports against KPI's so you are always in the loop.

4. Optimise

Constant optimisation and agility allows us to ensure your ads are always performing at their best.

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Paid Advertising

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"Targeted international expansion"

We tasked VIXXR with growing our awareness and then sales in new target territories for our brand. This included the US and key locations in Europe. We had a modest budget and big ambitions. VIXXR delivered an incredibly clever solution leveraging our data and emerging placements to get our name in front of our audience. The campaign across social and Google was the most effective to date.

Head of brand

"40+ ROAS on Facebook"

Black Friday 2021 VIXXR averaged above 40 ROAS on low cost items. Considering how much we spent to be putting £1 in and getting £40 back is almost impossible to believe in this day and age. We grew our sales 200% YoY over the Black Friday period, incredible.


"Launching our products online"

As an ex employee of Apple's design team I have very high standards. We entrusted VIXXR with a project we'd been working on for a couple of years. The tools, data and insights they have access to instantly helped us to have confidence in a strategy and set clear KPI's. Our trust was well placed and we felt completely confident in our plan. It was a great success and part of that is certainly attributed to VIXXR.

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