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You deserve great Magento development at a fair price.

Extend the capabilities of Magento and mould it to your needs. Hire our experienced Magento developers for general support, projects, integrations and other development related tasks.


Most popular Magento development services.

Routine Maintenance

Updating to the latest Magento version. Ensuring security and compliance. Streamlining code and keeping your site in top condition for performance whilst monitoring for issues.


Delivering your exact Magento development requirements on time and on budget. There is not much that we haven't already done with Magento and that experience is invaluable.

Performance Optimisation

We optimise for Magento specific SEO, speed, user experience and efficiency. Good performance is critical in these areas and we can deliver beyond your expectations.

Custom Features

We build custom features regularly. We remove all limitations so you can bring your feature to life. We can help plan, budget and execute your idea or integration.

Bug & Issue Resolution

We have a best in class support system enabling you to raise requests, report  issues and have them resolved quickly and efficiently. We also provide a 24/7 emergency coverage just in case.

Our Process

A simple process to hire our Magento developers and wider team.

You can purchase blocks of hours to use on development and testing. It's that simple. Here's how it works.

Choose A Plan

1. Choose Plan

Choose an amount of development hours to purchase as either a one off purchase or as a subscription.

2. Onboarding

We'll use some hours to bring your site into our infrastructure and provision your testing environment.

3. Submit Tasks

Treat our developers as your own employees and use our best in class protal to submit tasks and generate progress reports.

4. Test & Deploy

We test and deploy all of our development in house leaving you to get on with other tasks. Our secure deployment process is best in class.

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Magento Development

Simple, effective and robust Magento development services.

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"No faff, it's easy"

We much prefer the no faff approach. Purchasing blocks of Magento development hours works for us because our development needs are sporadic. Knowing that we can tap in anytime is super helpful. The support is great quick turn around and clear issue reporting.

Luke Christopher
VP Barclays

"The senior developers are magicians"

We joined after our agency at the time kept dropping the ball on Magento development tasks. We had a n ongoing issue that our previous agency had been battling with for over a month. The senior Magento development team resolved the issue in under 24 hours and they had only just got under the hood of the site. Experience is so vital and VIXXR have it in spades.

David Max
CEO Ibiza Delivers

"Easy communication, fair prices"

Communication is easy, we know our Magento developers very well and they do feel like part of the business now. There are 'cheaper' developers available abroad but in our experience you end up paying twice 'at least'. We also lean on our Magento developers for suggestions and we've found their knowledge of huge value.

Stephanie Joines
BO-Y London
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