How social personalisation
converted 12x higher than the
retail industry standard.

12x Facebook ROANo.1 social revenue channel
+3million reach+1.1% online conversion

The challenge.

An early social adopter Bows Boutiques enjoyed fast growth and out of this world returns,
then the industry caught up. Fighting for attention became a daily challenge and their brand was becoming increasingly drowned out.

The vital strategy.

Owning the psychology of brand culture builds audiences.

The vital idea.

Use culturally relevant media to be more than a fashion brand.

The experience.

From being an ecommerce fast fashion store, to inspiring and owning a culture, Bows Boutiques added to their brands value and role in society across three phases:

1. Becoming more personal and relevant
by combining shopping behaviour with social interests.

Combing website shopping behaviour ecommerce with social audience data Bows Boutiques created content and communication that synergised product experiences with culturally relevant personalised ads.

2. Matching data profiles to enable the Bows Boutiques brand, culture and brand to become contagious.

The best performing combinations of
culture and product where matched with
a new, broader audience who shared
similar cultural references.

3. Using AI to deliver more personalised, evolving experiences.

Every time a person engaged with Bows Boutique content, ads and website their behaviour was tracked, interests logged and data compared with similar profiles in order to deliver more personalised future communications.

Each touchpoint had tracking tools to enable Bows Boutique to see beyond traditional analytics. Each touchpoint informed what products and content
would be communicated next.
Fashionistas accepted Bows Boutiques as the cornerstone of their culture and part of their daily lives.

“Not only have VIXXR consistently built upon and improved our paid social results every month, their team have also gone above and beyond for our business, consistently coming up with new and creative ideas to keep our brand at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.”

Ozay Osman – CEO, Bows Boutiques

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