How social influenced a new
nursing culture.

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The challenge.

With a rise in 3rd party traffic costs and a challenging customer retention in an increasingly competitive landscape, Nurses UK was not top of mind.
Whilst presenting a brilliant platform and exceptional service, their brand awareness was limited and their 3rd party traffic had become less frequent.

The vital strategy.

Inspiring the target audience by positioning nurses.co.uk at the heart of a new nursing culture.

The vital idea.

Creating rapid growth by establishing nurses.co.uk beyond a generic ‘job board’, but as a market leading brand.

The experience.

An engaging and three phase campaign that became the talking point of the industry, and turned nurses.co.uk into the UK’s most engaged nursing social channel.

1. Reimagining the ‘nursing culture’ by understanding the psychology and behaviour of nurses across social media platforms.

By understanding what they liked, followed, shared or clicked on, their preferred platforms and an analysis of the context
of the content that they engaged with
most, a content roadmap, by platform was inspired, that created a relevant culture.

2. Establishing a media mix of engaging and valuable content distributed and amplified to the right people at the right time – stimulated by data driven tools, long format hyper targeted micro video content, and distributed across social, nurses were introduced to a ‘new’ team
of influencers.

A series of memes, stories and articles covered every aspect of nursing culture. And, as each started trending or going viral, media spend amplified its effect.

3. Delivering brand focused audience attention and seamlessly directed it to the nurses.co.uk website.

Having engaged people, and rebelling against traditional models of ‘telling’ people to click through, they simply did. From social to the website, nurses.co.uk became a relevant and valuable home. And, by tracing their activity and data online, they received even more personalised content at every stage of their journey.

“VIXXR have taken an extremely hands on roll since we began working together. They took the time to truly understand our business goals and challenges, identifying valuable insights and ultimately delivering a breakthrough social influencer campaign. The initiatives exceptional results, speak for themselves.”

Matt Farrah – Co-Founder, Nurses.co.uk

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