How social experience inspired
+1million people to discover ‘art’.

+1million art lovers reachedAudience +226%
Daily brand engagement +663%

The challenge.

Whilst creating and presenting beautifully inspired films about artists and their lives, Exhibition On Screen’s was not communicating to their increasingly niche audience, effectively – and their brand positioning and communication was not enhancing the potential of their inspiring business.

The vital strategy.

Interpreting psychology can create action.

The vital idea.

Using interactive social experiences to change perception.

The experience.

From being documenters of exhibitions, to being seen as the world’s leading art film company, Exhibition On Screen created and built awareness that changed how people thought about, and interacted with their unique brand experience, with very little budget, across 3 phases:

1. Levelling up brand communication by interpreting the psychology and personas of art lovers across social media.

By understanding the inner strings of what inspires and entertains art lovers, inspires them and share across social, an immersive and educational strategy was developed for Exhibition On Screen.

2. Using the latest social placements
to create unique content that gamified learning, encouraged sharing and
turned film trailers from advertising to rewarding, literally.

Inspired by their psychology, social gamification encouraged this bespoke audience to test there ‘artistic’ knowledge. Beautifully crafted and presented videos took the audience on a journey of discovery, as they were engaged with questions, thus learning about various artists in an entertaining way.

3. Driving attention from social media
to cinema screens.

By flipping the traditional ‘click here’ call to action on its head, Exhibition On Screen rewarded art lovers with a film trailer once they had completed the social experience, changing perception of film trailers, from advertising into exclusive rewards.

“VIXXR have consistently guided us through the complex world of social media with patience, commitment and high class knowledge. They’ve invested time and resources towards understanding our brand in order to create bespoke strategies that aid us in meeting our goals and align with our values. A diverse team with passion and energy at the forefront.”

Holly Joice – Head of Marketing, EXHIBITION ON SCREEN

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