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Breaking Black Friday records.

This year it's a record breaker, next year it's a benchmark.

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Project Timeline

Nov 2021



Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

Bows is an online fashion boutique with a large and dedicated following on social media. Built from the ground up by a husband and wife duo Bows has grown year on year by focusing on relatability, great customer service and a core audience established and built since 2014. Black Friday is the event of the year for sales and this year we were in the shadow of a monster success in 2020. Bows had expectations that this year would be nothing compared to last year. Our goal here was to prove them wrong. That is exactly what we did with over 20,000 orders sold, picked, packed and dispatched over 4 days. Below is a picture of one of the founders putting in the over, over time in the warehouse to get orders out to customers.

Project Execution

Question: How do you reliably and consistently break online sales records?
Answer: With a stable, scaleable strategy that works year on year.
Preparation is key. We knew the day after black Friday ended in 2020 that in order to beat the then record breaking sales we'd need to work hard. First we quickly moved into a brand building phase on social media making the most of the buzz to grow the core audience and introduce new people to the brand. With a broader core audience we worked on warming them up to the brand with discounts and special offers throughout the year. The key is to build the core audience each year so that by the time BF roles around you have a broader group of engaged potential customers to sell too.

Here are some key insights that support this strategy:

  • Social media is a great way for people to learn about your brand and culture before they purchase
  • BF is a great time for a first time buyer to move from social media observer to first time customer
  • Once a person is a customer they are likely to become a core audience customer because they knew your brand way before they made a purchase. If you do it right making the purchase will turn them into advocates.
  • As soon as BF ends take your 'new core customers' and make a custom audience with them, then expand it and repeat the process each year.


200% sales increase across the BF period.

2021 core audience grown by on average 6000 people per month.

Springboard for 2022.

Lot's of 'happy' working lunches (a fine example below).

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