Magento client onboarding process

Moving your website and associated elements is scary to think about, but, in reality it's very straight forward.

How does the onboarding process work?

The 4 steps to move you to our services:

Moving can be unsettling so we have a tried and tested process to ensure everything is perfect with minimal input required from you or your team.

  1. Audit & Access
    We audit and request the access we need for the services we have mutually agreed to provide.

  2. Moving over your website & advertising accounts
    We create a carbon copy of your website, database and media files and move over any Google and Social accounts into our internal systems.
  3. New environments
    We create production and staging environments for your website and bring your advertising accounts online.
  4. Training and systems
    We provide training on our systems, deployment processes and general VIXXR practises.

    The full migration process takes on average 8 hours of development.