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Shopify is the choice of leading brands.

We believe that Shopify is the best in class ecommerce platform for companies turning over 1-100M per year. We used to be a Magento agency and like many of our clients we were fed up with constantly battling website issues and frustrated by what is ultimately, in our opinion, a platform no longer suited to any mid market brand. We love ecommerce and in order to continue on our mission to become the leading ecommerce agency in the UK we knew we had t partner with the platform that is also the leading platform. We chose Shopify and so did others.

Maintained for you

- No more bugs
- Hosting included
- Security included
- Free support
- Apps / integrations maintained for you

Easy to use

- Intuitive back end
- Plug and play
- Take back control
- Create, test and implement changes without developers

Innovative features

- Full suite of best class features from marketing to shipping built in
- Strong SEO framework

Low development

- Day to day operations without requiring developer input
- No coding experience required

Fast and modern

- Built upon a modern framework
- Future proof
- High performance pages and fast page speed

Complete reliability

- 99.99% uptime globally
- Bug free integrations
- No platform bugs or issues

Migration from Magento only requires 60-90 days.
Examples of the beneits of replatforming to Shopify.

Easy to use
Easy to learn

"We’re on a journey of digital transformation, which is why we bet on Shopify Plus as our core platform. What used to take 200+ people in my past life, now we can do with 20. That’s a huge operational benefit."
Simon Rodrigue / CIO
Source: https://www.shopify.co.uk/plus/migration

Simple migration
Low maintenance

"Shopify Plus made the transition effortless with its highly respected turnkey operation. We’ve seen our maintenance hours lessen dramatically ever since."
Carlos Villa / Ecommerce Director
Source: Shopify https://www.shopify.co.uk/plus/migration

Less development
More sales

"We didn’t want to be in the technology business. We wanted to worry about selling shoes and be great at what we’re great at. That’s what Shopify Plus empowers us to do."
Jeff Silverman / President of Global Retail
Source: Shopify https://www.shopify.co.uk/plus/migration

Hi, good to meet you, here's a bit about us.

Magento, our past.

For four years we worked with exclusively Magento users helping them to maintain, grow and add value to their ecommerce offering. Our mission is platform agnostic and we believe that Shopify is now a better solution, so, we switched.

Shopify, our present.

We are completely focused on Shopify and supporting the companies that wish to utilise it's features. We create templates, applications and provide professional ecommerce services such as design, migration and development.

Ecommerce, our mission.

Our mission is accelerate the success of brands we believe in by partnering with them to provide a competitive advantage through professional ecommerce services, software, products and knowledge.

Our core capabilities

Strategy & Planning

Data analysis
Trend analysis
Market research
Competitor research
Audience research
Roadmap building
Customer experience
Customer segmentation
Conversion rate optimisation
Technical SEO 
Page speed enhancements
B2B digital evolution
External integration planning
Platform migration
CSuite reporting
+ More
Design & Development

Creative Direction
Visual Design
Customer Behavior Analysis
UX Enhancements
Competitor & Ecosystem Review
Content Strategy & Production
Custom feature Development
New Shopify builds
Shopify Plus
Hydrogen Shopify (Headless)
Performance Enhancements
Enterprise Architecture integrations
POS integrations
Proactive Monitoring
Changes & tweaks
+ More
Growth & Optimisation

Customer Experience Strategy
Customer Segmentation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
1:1 Personalisation
Page Speed Enhancements
KPI Monitoring
Improvement Testing
AOV increase strategy
Customer retention strategy
Marketing automation
Customer journey optimisation
Touchpoint strategy
Feature testing
Qualitative customer research
Quantitive customer research
Margin amplification
Email / SMS marketing
Paid Social
Globalisation Strategy
+ More
Migration & Integration

Solution review
Migration planning
Legacy infrastructure overhaul
Systems and processes audit
Technology review
Technical migration specification
Third party software integration
Third party hardware integration
Custom feature review
Custom designs
Platform Migration to Shopify
Platform Migration to Shopify Plus
Post Migration Roadmap
Post migration support
+ More

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The Magento to Shopfy replatforming phases

Projects differ in complexity and have varying levels of requirements. It's best to have a chat to us about your specific circumstance and objectives. Most migrations from Magento to Shopify are very straightforward and can be completed between 30 and 90 days. Below is a quick overview of the phases and tasks performed on an average size Magento store (10-50M turnover 20% custom features). The rocket diagram below shows the processes that we can include in each stage if the migration requires it.


Business Intelligence
Market awareness
Operations and critical functions
Magento infrastructure review
Ecommerce audit
Feature & process recommendations


UX / UI designs
Data migration
Feature migration
New features
Platform configuration



Post Launch

Growth programme

Magento migrations starting from just £6,000

Think we could be a good fit for your project? Want to know more about the upside of moving to Shopify? Want a live demo of the platform? Contact us, we're happy to talk.

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Example Shopify case studies of stores that migrated from Magento.

Why did GymShark migrate?

We didn't trust our Magento platform. Tons of cost, things took a long time. By the time the website was ready we had outgrown it. If I had to summarise the biggest problem we had with Magento it would be instability. We moved to Shopify+ and it's just awsome. We can concentrate on what we're good at.
Ben Francis, CEO, GYMSHARK.gymmshark.com

Bombas are saving 108K per year on Shopify.

The bigger the buggy we built, the more horses we needed, and the more expensive it got just to keep from crashing. Bombas migrated from Magento to Shopify saving 108K per year in platform maintenance costs alone.

Aloha increase sales by 289%

Not only is the site easier to manage, but the increase in sales, orders, and average order value are outstanding

The fastest Magento to Shopify migration we have completed took just 48 hours.

The safest choice for companies replatforming.

- We're experienced with both platforms and have worked on 100's of Magento and Shopify projects.
- Our migration process is safe, cost and task efficient, and fast.
- We have the tools, people and processes to execute even the most complex migrations.

Depth of knowledge & resources.

-We specialise in Shopify and Shopify related services.
- Ecommerce is a financial game so as well as great creatives, our team have strong mathematic, data and business backgrounds.
- We are part of a global network of leading feature providers, integration partners and research institutions all united by the mission of creating best in class ecommerce.

We add value to your business.

- We're more than partners with Shopify, we're friends. We get treated like VIP's and so will you.
- Our understanding of ecommerce and related principals enables you to outmanoeuvre your competitors and sell more effectively.
- Post migration we have a growth programme designed to compound your commerce success by getting the most from your store, features, marketing and customers each month.

We're a top recommended Shopify agency

Get in touch

We take pride in the fact that we have always gone out of our way to make sure each client feels like they are a priority. We improve processes and tailor services according any changes necessary so as not miss what our clients want or need; because after all, it's your happiness which matters most and you know what, you will very happy when your ecommerce is operating and growing optimally.

Our guarentee

We know that after migrating to shopify from Magento and using it for 6 months the only problem you will have is working out how to spend all the time you have back because you're not wrestling Magento every day. This is why we're offering a full refund if you choose to move back to Magento. We'll also reinstate your Magento store and give you 1K for your troubles. Fair enough? Finn Radford CoFounder.