We are a top recommended Shopify partner agency
The most comprehensive guarantee in the industry
We are a top recommended Shopify partner agency
We offer your website a lifetime guarantee
We are a top recommended Shopify partner agency
We offer your website a lifetime guarantee

The Shopify eCommerce agency for UK brands.

We create Shopify websites and provide optional ongoing services that grow brands to 7,8 & 9 figure revenues.
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What we do?

We provide everything you need for eCommerce success with Shopify.

We're Shopify website makers that amplify the experience of your brand and the value of your products online. This helps you acquire and retain more customers, at a lower cost.

Our guarantee

We provide the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry entitling you to two incredible perks. First, any technical issues on your store we'll fix, for free. Second, £10,000 worth of actionable advice within four quarterly site reports keeping your eCommmerce growing. Included with every build for 12 months. 

Why you should build with us?

We take the time to understand your company and vision

We focus on answering four main questions.Why do you exist? How do you benefit your customers? What are you capable of? What is the best approach to get you to the next level?

We get the most from every customer

We combine our knowledge gained from our collaborations with the worlds most successful brands with the latest Ecommerce trends, features and technology to ensure your website gets the most from every visitor.

We make your life easy

Our streamlined project process produces best in class Shopify websites whilst focusing on the efficiency of you and your teams time. We have a well documented and proven build process that gets results. We'll guide you through every step!

We create a brand-led experiences driving more sales

We evolve your brand into a digital shopping experience enabling customers to immerse in your world. This helps you to convert more shoppers and create brand advocates.

We guarantee every build and provide free support

Every store VIXXR builds comes with a 12 month guarantee of success or your money back. In addition, we offer free website support for as long as your website is live.

We build brands too

Once we've completed your website we provide an optional growth plan. The plan focuses on taking your brand to the next level of growth. We have growth plans for 0-1M, 1-10M, 10M - 50M and 50M - 100M.

Why you should build with Shopify?

These case studies are from Shopify. For more case studies click here.

Easy to scale, easy to learn

“It’s a good thing we went onto Magento because otherwise we’d probably take a lot of what Shopify Plus does for granted.”

Ben Francis / Founder


Simple usability, low maintenance

“We pride ourselves on creating the best Shopify websites in the industry. We understand that a website is not just a collection of pages”

Carlos Villa / Ecommerce Director


Less technical, more sales

“We didn’t want to be in the technology business. We wanted to worry about selling shoes and be great at what we’re great at. That’s what Shopify Plus empowers us to do.”

Jeff Silverman / President of Global Retail


Our process

Our approach combines creative design with advanced Ecommerce features to create immersive online shopping experiences for your customers.

Listening to your goals. Learning everything about your brand. Presenting design and build options.


Creating the design UI/UX. Implementing required features. Connecting external systems.


Writing effective copy. Taking stunning images. Recording immersive video.


Training key staff. Assembling launch plan. Lighting the rocket.


Why Shopify?

Shopify is the undisputed market leader in the DTC Ecommerce space. It is effortlessly scaleable and provides the features and reliability to build any brand from a start up to a 9 figure brand Shopify can do it all. Once you are set up on Shopify there are very low associated costs for website maintenance and related services such as hosting. As a platform Shopify is simple, they provide you with everything you need to be successful and nothing you don't.

What will you do for us?

We will build you the best possible store for your budget, brand and objectives. Then, we'll help you grow the Ecommerce side of your business. The difference between becoming a success and failure is often the team and knowledge you have supporting you. Regardless of your products if you don't have the right strategies, insights and resources supporting you it will be difficult to win. We are at the forefront of Shopify in all areas of Ecommerce. With us on your team, you can't lose.

How much will it cost and will you help us through the process?

We have options to accommodate most budgets with our sites starting from 10K for simple template builds. We have an efficient process that all of our clients follow to ensure every build achieves the objectives of the website on budget and on time.

Our Founder

Our founder is the host of the UK's number one Ecommerce podcast EcomGold™️. Every week Finn speaks with the founders of the worlds most successful Ecommerce brands. They discuss current trends, strategies and industry secrets.


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