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100+ brands served
We are a top recommended Shopify partner agency
We offer your website a lifetime guarantee
We are a top recommended Shopify partner agency
We offer your website a lifetime guarantee

Ecommerce growth & profitability.

A hive mind of people, processes, playbooks and strategies honed over years, backed by data and practised daily with brands. 

We are VIXXR and we exist to help your brand reach full Ecommerce potential.
Get the experts involved
Join millions of brands using Shopify

Shopify is the default choice of leading brands

Our difference is our approach.

We're your ecommerce growth custodians.

Success in ecommerce requires omni-channel targets and long term strategic thinking. You don't need a Shopify developer or a performance marketer. You need a custodian to share the responsibility for the health of your entire ecommerce business.

VIXXR Growth Club™️

VIXXR Growth Club™️ is a holistic approach to growing your brand. Our in house multi disciplined teams combine to deliver capabilities across multiple channels and services under a unified growth strategy.

Why choose VIXXR™️?

We take the time to understand your brand and vision

We focus on answering four main questions.Why do you exist? How do you benefit your customers? What are you capable of? What is the optimal strategy to take you to the next stage of your business?

More than ecommerce

Ecommerce is part of your business not the entirety. Our approach focuses on your companies growth and profit holistically.

We collaborate with brand owners weekly

Each week we collaborate and speak with brand owners and operators across the world. Why? To share knowledge insights and advice so that we can offer a better service to our clients.

We create a brand led shopping experiences

We evolve your brand into a digital shopping experience enabling customers to immerse in your world. This helps you to convert more shoppers and create brand advocates.

Free technical support and maintenance with every build

We provide free technical support to cover you for any Shopify issues or bugs so you never have to worry about maintenance again.

Top agency talent

Our people are the best in the world at what they do. From designers to strategists we have meticulously attracted and retain top ecommerce talent. Most of our staff have experience brand side allowing us to understand your challenges first hand.

Why you should choose Shopify

These case studies are from Shopify. For more case studies click here.

Easy to scale, easy to learn

“It’s a good thing we went onto Magento because otherwise we’d probably take a lot of what Shopify Plus does for granted.”

Ben Francis / Founder


Simple usability, low maintenance

“We pride ourselves on creating the best Shopify websites in the industry. We understand that a website is not just a collection of pages”

Carlos Villa / Ecommerce Director


Less technical, more sales

“We didn’t want to be in the technology business. We wanted to worry about selling shoes and be great at what we’re great at. That’s what Shopify Plus empowers us to do.”

Jeff Silverman / President of Global Retail


How we build Shopify stores.

Our approach combines creative design with advanced Ecommerce features to create immersive online shopping experiences for your customers.

Auditing your goals. Learning everything about your brand. Presenting on budget design / build options and strategies.


Implementing required features and functions. Integrating external systems. Moving accross any existing product, order and customer data.


Proposing custom or template based UI and UX options. Creating mockups and finally implementing the chosen designs.

Go Live Ready

Configuring and tailoring Shopify to your needs. Implementing the channels and automations required to operate and grow. Providing training and assistance through the launch process.


How much does a Shopify website cost? 

A  simple template based Shopify website costs on average £15,000.
A custom designed store starts at around £35,000.
A custom designed store with custom external system integrations starts at £55,000
A migration from Magento with less than 20,000 products starts at £25,000
A redesign of an existing Shopify website costs on average £18,000

Do you have an hourly rate for ADHOC tasks?

Yes. Our blended ADHOC rate is £699 per day. This rate applies to every service we offer from design and development to email marketing and SEO and everything in-between. We discourage the use of ADHOC services and prefer instead to quote per project or within VIXXR Growth Club™️. Please contact us for more information on ADHOC services.

How does communication work if we start a project?

We create a client slack channel for you and add your VIXXR team members to the chat. This is used for day to day communication. In addition to pre scheduled project specific meetings we also encourage weekly get togethers to stay aligned, discuss progress and answer any questions.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder is the host of the UK's number one Ecommerce podcast EcomGold™️. Every week Finn speaks with the founders of the worlds most successful Ecommerce brands.

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